1malaise-ya poll – the results!!

Thanks for voting! Here are your results! Booyashakaaa!!

Biggest Lie of the Year:

“Looks like Teoh Beng Hock committed suicide.”

55% of votes.







Most Evil Institution 2009:

Polis DiRaja Malaysia – Marah Cepat & Brutal!

43% of votes

(Coming close behind with 30% is MACC)










Biggest Affront to our Senses 2009:

The Hijacking of Perak.

“Who gives a fuck what the people want!”

49% of votes.
(2nd place: Teoh Beng Hock’s death with 23%)










Most Biased Media 2009:

Utusan Malaysia
(now popularly known as Ugutan Malaysia)

“Dey keling babi – lu tau siapa lu punya Tuan tak???”

44% of votes [2nd place: TV3 with 18%]










Best Disappearing Act 2009:

Raja Petra Kamaruddin!
“Do come join me for a spot of English tea whenever you’re in London.”

56% of votes.









NAJIB TUN RAZAK – for the hijacking of Perak.

44% of votes. (2nd place Zulkifli Nordin with 31%)

“1 Malaysia = Malays first, pendatang out!!”






What Malaysia Needs for 2010
(and a fitting conclusion to this poll):

A NEW GOVERNMENT – 58% of votes.

 Perhaps one led by these guys?






To review the poll CLICK HERE



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